Spare by Harry, Prince, Duke of Sussex
The light we carry by Obama, Michelle
An immense world by Yong, Ed
Becoming free indeed by Vuolo, Jinger
How to keep house while drowning by Davis, KC
The Nazi conspiracy by Meltzer, Brad
Solito by Zamora, Javier
Have I told you this already? by Graham, Lauren
8 rules of love by Shetty, Jay
A heart that works by Delaney, Rob
The song of the cell by Mukherjee, Siddhartha
Rick Steves' Portugal by Steves, Rick
Come as you are by Nagoski, Emily
Rough sleepers by Kidder, Tracy
Paris by Hilton, Paris
Poverty, by America by Desmond, Matthew
Never give an inch by Pompeo, Mike
Financial feminist by Dunlap, Tori
Young forever by Hyman, Dr. Mark
Feeding the soul (because it's my business) : finding our way to joy, love, and freedom by Brown, Tabitha
Saving time by Odell, Jenny
The climate book by Thunberg, Greta
I'm no philosopher, but I got thoughts by Chenoweth, Kristin
The courage to be free by DeSantis, Ron