Lessons in chemistry by Garmus, Bonnie
It starts with us by Hoover, Colleen
Mad honey by Picoult, Jodi
Our missing hearts by Ng, Celeste
Desert star by Connelly, Michael
Carrie Soto is back by Reid, Taylor Jenkins
Fairy tale by King, Stephen
Wrong place wrong time by McAllister, Gillian
A world of curiosities by Penny, Louise
Going rogue by Evanovich, Janet
The house in the pines by Reyes, Ana
Someone else's shoes by Moyes, Jojo
Dreamland by Sparks, Nicholas
Girl, forgotten by Slaughter, Karin
Just the nicest couple by Kubica, Mary
Righteous prey by Sandford, John
The house of Wolves by Patterson, James
The choice by Roberts, Nora
The Whittiers by Steel, Danielle
The Villa by Hawkins, Rachel
The love hypothesis by Hazelwood, Ali
Lucy by the sea by Strout, Elizabeth
All the dangerous things by Willingham, Stacy
Without a trace by Steel, Danielle/ Mills, Nick (NRT)