The Wager by Grann, David
Poverty, by America by Desmond, Matthew
Paris by Hilton, Paris
The extraordinary life of an ordinary man by Newman, Paul
All my knotted-up life by Moore, Beth
A fever in the heartland by Egan, Timothy
Master slave husband wife by Woo, Ilyon
101 essays that will change the way you think by Wiest, Brianna
The song of the cell by Mukherjee, Siddhartha
Saving time by Odell, Jenny
You could make this place beautiful by Smith, Maggie
Quietly hostile by Irby, Samantha
Come as you are by Nagoski, Emily
Stay true by Hsu, Hua
Honey, baby, mine by Dern, Laura
The courage to be free by DeSantis, Ron
Life in five senses by Rubin, Gretchen
Never give an inch by Pompeo, Mike
King by Eig, Jonathan
Belonging by Miller, Michelle
I'm no philosopher, but I got thoughts by Chenoweth, Kristin
People vs. Donald Trump by Pomerantz, Mark
Knowing what we know by Winchester, Simon
Wake up with purpose! by Schmidt, Jean Dolores