Happy place by Henry, Emily
Someone else's shoes by Moyes, Jojo
Hello beautiful by Napolitano, Ann
Our missing hearts by Ng, Celeste
Pineapple Street by Jackson, Jenny
The house in the pines by Reyes, Ana
Just the nicest couple by Kubica, Mary
Romantic comedy by Sittenfeld, Curtis
Storm watch by Box, C. J
Simply lies by Baldacci, David
Hang the moon by Walls, Jeannette
Dark Angel by Sandford, John
Without a trace by Steel, Danielle
Encore in death by Robb, J. D
Worthy opponents by Steel, Danielle
Yours truly by Jimenez, Abby
All the dangerous things by Willingham, Stacy
The London Séance Society by Penner, Sarah
The love hypothesis by Hazelwood, Ali
Secretly yours by Bailey, Tessa
The house of Eve by Johnson, Sadeqa
I will find you by Coben, Harlan
The soulmate by Hepworth, Sally
3 days to live by Patterson, James